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Unit Five: Business and


Multi-business Strategy


MT460 Management Policy and Strategy



Case 3: The Apollo Group, Inc.


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Case Study Agenda
















Key Issues/SWOT


Define the problem


Alternative Solutions


Selected Solution











The goal of management when formulating the business


strategies is to maximize the returns of the investors as well as


maintaining a conducive environment internally and externally


. That will help the business in building lasting relations with


the customers and third parties such as suppliers.


The Apollo group was fundamental towards making a


revolution in the higher education as it started a learning that


would offer education to many people all over the world.


However for the company to bring a change required it was to


come up with strategies that would guarantee the long survival


and help being competitive in the delivery of higher education.




Synopsis Background



Key Issues



SWOT Diagram



(Internal / External Analysis)















Define the Problem



Alternative Solutions


The main objective of this approach is help the management is


coming up with policies that balance the cash flow in the


business while keeping proper plans so as to achieve the


strategic goals


In this analysis one aspect to consider while making investment


decisions is the are the Stars. In this area the business will


apply the growth as the business has established a market for


its products and product are known in the market. Some


features connected to this include high share of the market and


management developing a plan that can use funds borrowed


from financial institutions as it has the capacity to payback.




Selected Solution


The speed based strategy is based on quick


responsiveness from the customers whereby if they can


offer feedback to the management then they can


implement the decisions in a quick way so as not lose


them to competitors.


Product cycles is another factor can influence this


strategy. When evolution of the product takes place at a


quick way either in terms of its features or in the market


the management must formulate strategies at a quick way


or which are differentiated so as to remain competitive


irrespective of the changes.






-Formulation of plans that ensure overall goals of the


company is achieved.


-Involvement of all parties before reaching up to a decision.


-Time consuming when making decisions due to the




-Factors analyzed range from government regulation to the


customer preferences so as to satisfy both the market and


industry requirements.


-Risk evaluation is done to give the company an overview


of returns and available risks of the investment.






Speed in distribution facilitate production as the management should


always keep a continuous flow of its products in market to balance


demand and supply. Information sharing is a concept that is quickly


changing the view of the corporate world as people share what they


know about organization and in case of problems spread them to


other colleagues.


As such the management must come up with more strategies that


prevent occurrence of poor practices that can impact reputation of the


company in the public.


Improvements of products or services which mainly occurs due to


technology and innovation happening in the market influences


development of strategies that are quick in formulation and high


speed so as to be part of the industrial change .










Pearce, J. A., & Robinson, R. B. (2013). Strategic management: Planning for


domestic & global competition. (13th ed.). New York, NY: McGrawHill/Irwin.




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