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. According to Karl Marx, capitalists exploit the (Points : 1)-(Answered)


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. According to Karl Marx, capitalists exploit the (Points : 1)

?????? proletariat.

?????? communists.

?????? serfs.

?????? bourgeoisie.

Question 2.2. The idea that consumers buy luxury items without considering the hard labor that went into making them is part of the viewpoint of (Points : 1)

?????? Adam Smith.

?????? John Rawls.

?????? Karl Marx.

?????? Immanuel Kant.

Question 3.3. One justification for government regulation of commerce is to (Points : 1)

?????? maintain the financial gap between the rich and the poor.

?????? make it easier for mergers and acquisitions.

?????? prevent the exploitation of any interest or group of people in the marketplace.

?????? aid in the formation of monopolies.

Question 4.4. The government law that regulates mergers and acquisitions of companies is the (Points : 1)

?????? Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

?????? Clayton Antitrust Act.

?????? Sherman Antitrust Act.

?????? Securities and Exchange Act.

Question 5.5. _________ claimed that if businesses were allowed to follow their own self-interest, the economy of the country would improve. (Points : 1)

?????? David Hume

?????? Adam Smith

?????? Milton Friedman

?????? Karl Marx

Question 6.6. In the late 1990s, Google, Yahoo, and MSN purchased most of the existing search engines, such as Lycros and Jeeves. Google now holds approximately a 90% share of the market. This is an example of (Points : 1)

?????? a monopoly.

?????? monopolistic competition.

?????? an oligopoly.

?????? perfect competition.

Question 7.7. One feature of a corporation is that it can continue indefinitely beyond the lives of individual managers and stockholders of the corporation. This is called (Points : 1)

?????? perpetual existence.

?????? indefinite existence.

?????? permanent existence.

?????? continuous existence.

Question 8.8. When two doctors decide to share office space for their medical practices, they have formed a(an) (Points : 1)

?????? corporation.

?????? sole proprietorship.

?????? s corporation.

?????? partnership.

Question 9.9. States have the authority to grant corporate charters, which give permission for corporations to exist. When a state decides to revoke a corporation?s charter because of some egregious crime, this is called corporate (Points : 1)

?????? shaming.

?????? incapacitation.

?????? death penalty.

?????? schizophrenia.

Question 10.10. When a company pleads guilty to a crime and the government orders it to publish an apology, that is an example of (Points : 1)

?????? a public service announcement.

?????? a community service order.

?????? corporate shaming.

?????? corporate death penalty.

Question 11.11. A Corporate Code of Ethics might include all of the following except (Points : 1)

?????? a statement of values.

?????? a letter from the CEO.

?????? personnel handbook.

?????? a statement of commitment to stockholders.

Question 12.12. You are a shareholder in a corporation that filed bankruptcy. The liabilities will be more than the assets. What you will be required to pay will be based on (Points : 1)

?????? the amount you have invested in the corporation.

?????? nothing because you are not liable for the debt.

?????? an amount based on the assets you claim on your taxes.

?????? a proportion of all creditor claims based on the stocks you own.


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