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At the point when gathering information, it is vital to know about the sorts of information being gathered for further investigation:

??????????????? Give 3 case of subjective information and 3 case of quantitative information that would be found while inquiring about any of the accompanying criminal equity themes:

??????????????? Corrections

??????????????? Juvenile equity

??????????????? Victim ology

Wording overviews, surveys, and polls can be precarious to guarantee that the individual reacting comprehends the inquiries displayed. For instance, asking an individual whether he or she claims an auto could prompt different results relying upon whether owning an auto implies paying the advance on the auto versus the whole auto being paid off. Does this infer owning trucks also?

??????????????? Give a case of an inquiry that may be found on a study, survey, or poll that could prompt off base or confounding results.

??????????????? Graphs are extremely valuable in picturing information. Give a case of a kind of information that would be proper for each of the accompanying:

??????????????? pie outlines

??????????????? bar outlines

??????????????? line outlines



Question one



Quantitative information



Quantitative techniques are worried with social affair data and appending numerical qualities


to every piece. Some types of data have numbers joined to them...


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