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help in multiple choice 11) All true about vitamins except: They-(Answered)


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help in multiple choice

11) All true about vitamins except:

They are non caloric organic nutrients

They are needed in very small amounts

They act as facilitator

They are non essential organic compound

3) Inhibition of sperm production might due to the deficiency of vitamin

19) Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide regarded as, choose the correct answer:

a) enzyme

b) cofactor

c) vitamin

d) prosthetic group


15) phospholipids major functions are

a) cell membrane structure

b) proteins anchoring

c) messengers and hormonal production

d) lung surfactant

e) all of the above

4) The phosphorylation process;

a) kinases can add phosphate to either substrate or enzyme.

b) phosphate enzyme can remove the phosphate group.

c) phosphorylase enzyme can use the phosphate to break bonds.

d) A and b

e) all of the above

5) the wrong about structure of enzymes;

a) Holoenzymes mean the total structure.

b) Co enzymes is an organic catalyst may be a vitamin.

c) The activity of the enzymes always by the tertiary structure.

d) Co factor is always a metal cation or anion.

e) Apoenzyme is the protein part structure.

6) Insulin can

a) Allosterically activate all glycolysis enzymes

b) Activate phosphate that remove phosphate group thus activate glycolysis

c) Stimulate the glycolytic enzymes synthesis to metabolize glucose.

d) A and b

e) All of the above

11) Sugar intolerance disorder may due to the deficiency of

Sucrose enzyme '

Iso maltase enzyme

Lactase enzyme

All of the above

None of the above

13) The cyclization of sugars;

About >90% in nature of sugars


36) Eating too much carrot results in, choose one answer

a) Accumulation of excess retinol in eyes

b) Accumulation of excess 11-cis retinal in eyes

c) Accumulation of excess retinoic acid in eyes

d) All are false

14) Instead of ester link plasmalogens posses another link:

a) Amide

b) ketone

c) Ether

d) None of these


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