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Can? you please provide answer for following questions

9. The testing performed on data for performing the basic operation on it is called as ____
a/ CRUD Testing
b/ Data Driven Testing
c/ Data Validation techniques
d/ Data Mining

10. To ensure the quality of software is a process that can only be made by using it. Therefore, reading the code cannot be useful in any way
a/ True
b/ False

11. Functions and procedures used for each unit needs to be documented in ____
a/ Unit Test Plan
b/ Program Specifications
c/ Functional Specifications
d/ Design Specifications

12/ The functionalities to be covered or not is specified in one of the following
a/ Test Plan
b/ Test Strategy
c/ Test Reporting
d/ Test Approach

13. Error Handling, Exception Handling & Memory leakage can be determined by
a/ Program Review
b/ Code Review
c/ Test Case Review
d/ None of the above

14. The technique used for finding the few origins of majors issues withing the aplication is known as:
a/ Histogram
b/ Fishbone diagram
c/ Pareto Technique
d/ Classification Tree Technique

15. _____determines if a new software version is perfroming well enough to accept for a major testing effert
a/ Black Box Testing
n/ Sanity Testing
c/ Regression Testing
d/ Stress Testing
e/ Load Testing

16. FP and lines of code are measure of ______
a/ Effort
b/ Schedule
c/ Size
d/ All of the above

17. Behavior driven testing focuses on the _________
a/ Requirements
b/ Specifications
c/ Test Plan
d/ Agile Methodology

18. Having Risk management in a project helps in
i. Mitigating the risks associated with the project
ii. Managing project without surprises
iii. Identifying potential problems
iv. Project Plan contingency

a/ i, iii, iv
b/ ii, iii, iv
c/ i, ii, iii
d/ i, ii, iii, iv

19. Testing interfaces between unit, modules and sub-systems when the system is incrementally put together is known as _____
a/ Destructive Testing
b/ Integrated Testing
c/ Integration Testing
d/ User Interface Testing

20. The Cyclomatic Complexity helps to understand ______
i. Code Complexity
ii. Testing Complexity
iii. Efforst & Cost
iv. Planning Test Execution

a/ i, ii, iii, iv
b/ i, iii, iv
c/ i, ii
d/ i, ii, iii
e/ only ii


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