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We at the BLC Group offer a wide array of valuable services to students and their parents.


We set out to assist all students with their academic goals, we do this by offering solutions to


achieve financial independence. Every year students struggle with the high cost of school and


the number of hours that are required for achieving an undergraduate degree. We start by


targeting those students that are in their last year of high school. With our assistance we help


with the academic, extracurricular & athletic pursuits that will increase their chances of being


admitted to the college(s) of their choice. Along with that we spend time helping students wade


through the mounds of paperwork necessary to apply for both admission and financial aid. BLC


Group specializes in helping at-risk students, learning-disabled students and other


nontraditional students achieve their highest potential and they get the necessary assistance to


be competitive. The wide array of services that we offer are a, College search with assistance in


the admission process from application to the first day of school. We offer a detailed Financial


Aid Services program for our clients. We will tailor a program for the individual student that will


meet their long-term educational and financial goals. Our affordable program can assist every


client with reducing their stress from balancing an education program and the financial hardship


that comes along with being a full time student. We guarantee that each client will be satisfied


with our services and he or she can graduate without a mountain debt.



We have laid out a valuable and affordable program that will enhance our clients


educational experience. Taking a young adult in their last year of college and guiding them


through the unfamiliar environment of college life is key to our success. We thrive on the ability


to help clients balance school and the fascial debt that comes along with it. Allowing BLC Group


to keep our clients on track for graduation and in a better financial state at the end of their


education goals is key to our success. Our clients are the highest priority and we thrive on their






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