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You have been assigned to manage the development of an-(Answered)


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You have been assigned to manage the development of an organization's first Web site. The site will be highly complex and interactive, and neither your project team nor the client has much experience with Web site development.
The timeline is extremely aggressive. And delay will be costly for both your firm and the client. You have a project sponsor and have achieved agreement and sign-off on both the project charter and the project management plan. Client personnel have been kept fully informed of the project's progress through status reports and regular meetings. The project is on schedule and within the budget, and a final perfunctory review has been scheduled. Suddenly you hear that the entire effort may be cancelled because the product developed is totally unacceptable. What is the MOST likely cause of this situation?

A. A key stakeholder was not adequately involved in the project
B. The project charter and project management plan were not thoroughly explained or adequately reviewed by the client
C. Communications arrangements were inadequate and did not provide the required information to interested parties
D.The project sponsor failed to provide adequate support for the project


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