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Need multiple choice questions answered. 1. Estimate the total-(Answered)


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Need multiple choice questions answered.

1. Estimate the total variable cost (i.e., including both routine and ancillary) per MSDRG 505 using the departmental cost/charge ratios and variable cost percentages. (Your answer might be slightly different due to rounding. Pick the closest.)

? a. $5,213

? b. $3,892

? c. $7,613

? d. $5,452

? $8,070

2. Your controller has told you that the marginal profit of DRG 209 (major joint procedure) for a Medicare patient exceeds the marginal profit for an average charge patient. Why might this occur??

a. High fixed costs of treatment
b. Low Medicare payment
c. High prices
d. Low prices?

3. Which of the following is the first step in any budgetary process?
a. Define standard treatment protocols
b. Define required departmental volumes
c. Define standard cost profiles
d. Define volumes of patients

4. ?


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