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Are you for or against free trade? Are you for or against NAFTA?-(Answered)


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Are you for or against free trade? Are you for or against NAFTA? What is the economic basis for trade? Explain the underlying facts that support free trade and give an example of a good that you purchased recently that is based on resource differences. What are some examples of goods that the United States has comparative advantage in producing? Take a look at the tag of the shirt/dress/pants that you are wearing today. Where was it made? Anyone wearing Made in U.S.A. items of clothing today? We sometimes hear people say Buy American. Why don't we? What is the basis of international trade? What are the benefits and the costs? Under what conditions would you advocate for trade restrictions?

1.You say you're not for free trade, but then go on to explain the benefits of free trade. That


leaves me kind of confused about what you're really saying, here. Or course, if we buy from




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