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I need a 2500 word essay, it is a Human Rights and Culture unit-(Answered)


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I need a 2500 word essay, it is a Human Rights and Culture unit and must include ONLY academic journal articles and books, no websites or Wikipedia sites thanks. I have chosen to complete question 3 from the list of questions. can anyone do it for me?

Human Rights and Culture Assessment 2: Essay (2500 words)


Due Date: Monday 6th of June, 5pm.


(All essays must be submitted through Turnitin by 5pm/





In this assignment you are expected to:


1. Demonstrate an understanding of the history of the global human rights




4. Critically reflect on the relation between human rights and neoliberal




5. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of NGOs in shaping a global


human rights culture.


6. Display effective research skills and analytical processes in investigating


the cultural issues raised by the rise of the global human rights regime.


Assessment Description


This is a major academic essay that requires all essay conventions such as


use of academic sources and appropriate referencing.


Total value: 60%


Assessment Requirements
















Writing Style: Answers must have the appropriate syntax, spelling and


general presentation.


Relevance: The content of answers must be relevant and directly


respond to the question.


Well-informed: The essay requires that you research beyond the


essential readings that have been listed. You must undertake


library/database research and include at least five academic references.


Your own thinking and your own words must be used.


Organisation: This should be a well-structured essay that follows a


logical plan.


Referencing: The assessment must be properly referenced with an


appropriate reference list (see library website for a list of approved


referencing styles: Page numbers


must be included in all citations.



Please attach a cover sheet, a Turnitin report, and a feedback sheet


(available in the unit outline) to your essay.


Please indicate on your essay whether or not you want general feedback.



Human Rights and Culture Assessment 2. Essay Questions:


1) Should humanitarianism aim simply to provide ?a bed for the night?


(Brecht) or should it aim to change the world?


2) Using Engle-Merry's account of human rights in the vernacular,


analyze a case in which universal human rights language has been


translated into a local context. How successful was this translation?


3) Critically analyse Amnesty International?s decision to exclude Nelson


Mandela from its list of Prisoners of Conscience in the wake of his


Rivonia address.


4) Critically analyze the category of the 'prisoner of conscience'. How


does it differ from the 'political prisoner'? And what is at stake in these




5) Should we wage war for human rights? Critically discuss, with


reference to one example of a military 'humanitarian intervention'.


6) With reference to Afghanistan, critically examine the following claim


from Lila Abu-Lughod: Cultural relativism is certainly an


improvement on ethnocentrism and the racism, cultural imperialism,


and imperiousness that underlie it; the problem is that it is too late not


to interfere'


7) Using Abu-Lughod?s account of saviour narratives, critically analyse the


way the question of women?s rights was used to justify the war on




8) Critically analyze Amnesty International's 'NATO Keep the Progress


Going' campaign posters.


9) Critically discuss Long?s claim that ?sexuality has become a


battleground where talk of universal rights clashes with claims of


cultural ?authenticity.??


10) Examine current United States investment in global sexuality rights,


and use this case study to reflect on Joseph Massad's critique of the


'Gay International'.


Please address any questions to the discussion board on vUWS, or ask


for clarification in class.




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