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1,230.60 (check amount) -------- 12345678 (position numbers) On-(Answered)


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1,230.60 (check amount)


12345678 (position numbers)

On the other hand, if the amount is less than $1000, then several of the spaces would ordinarily

be left blank. For example,




contains three blank spaces. If a check is printed with blank spaces, it?s easier for someone to alter

the amount of the check. To prevent a check from being altered, many check-writing systems insert

leading asterisks to protect the amount as follows:




Write a program that inputs a Rupees amount to be printed on a check then prints the amount

in check-protected format with leading asterisks if necessary. Assume that nine spaces are available

for printing an amount. Also your program should create a cheque format with the amount written in words also.


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