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Deliverable Length:?

PowerPoint presentation of?7 slides including References.

Use your textbook(s), course materials, and Internet sources to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of?7 slides that justifies your strategic decisions from Practice Round year one?using Dell as a product.?Address the Following question in your slides with speakers note.? R&D: How well did you establish the specification of the products to meet customer demand? What new products did you create to meet the changing marketplace? Marketing: Explain your rationale for how you set the price of your product in the marketplace.? how well did you build customer awareness through promotion? Production: How did you establish your production schedule for each line? Did you establish your workforce complement? Finance: Did you acquire capital to fund capital expansions? Did you issue stock, short-term debt, or long-term bonds??if so, why?. References.?




Product specifications



In week two I made some changes For Dell which is



the low end production for Digby.


Our customers are the most important aspect thus in


the R& D page I left this...


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