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Suppose AMD is considering cloning Intel's latest CPU chip. If-(Answered)


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  • Suppose AMD is considering cloning Intel?s latest CPU chip. If AMD enters Intel?s market, Intel can play Mean, expand its output, drop prices, and try to make AMD?s profit as small as possible or play Nice by cutting back its output and sharing the market. AMD and Intel both know that after all moves are complete, the time- discounted profits of future chip production in billions of dollars are:
    • -?Does?AMD?have?a?dominant?strategy??If?yes,?what?is?it??
    • -Does?Intel?have?a?dominant?strategy??If?yes,?what?is?it??
    • - Is there a Nash Equilibrium in pure strategies?
    • -Assuming?AMD?moves?first,?what?will?be?the?Nash?equilibrium?for?sequential?play??Draw?the?tree?and?explain?in?detail.?
    • -Assuming?Intel?moves?first,?what?will?be?the?Nash?equilibrium?for?sequential?play??Draw?the?tree?and?explain?in?detail.


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