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2. Which of the following would NOT make up a bargaining-(Answered)


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2. Which of the following would NOT make up a bargaining unit?(Points : 1) ??????

a group of workers in the same plant who know one another and wish to form a union

all of the electricians at the same plant

all of the workers at the same geographic location

all of the workers at all of a company?s multiple plants

Question 3. 3. Which of the following is NOT true with regard to labor consultants?(Points : 1)
?????? Most consultants are labor attorneys who are familiar with the scope and application of the National Labor Relations Act to an election process.
?????? Labor consultants must report their consulting fees to the federal government and the fees are a matter of public record.
?????? Labor consultants have an impact on the outcome of the election in favor of management.
?????? Labor consultants most often have union experience.

Question 4. 4. By the end of the 20th century, the number of strikes in the private sector led to a public opinion about unions that was __________.
(Points : 1)
?????? more negative
?????? more neutral
?????? more positive
?????? unchanged

Question 5.5. The Allison Sweater Company is undergoing an election process via secret ballots. A total of 240 employees make up the collective bargaining unit. Of those 240 employees, only 22 show up on the day of the election. The voting is 12 for unionization and 10 against. As such, this election __________.(Points : 1)

?????? is void because a majority of employees did not vote
?????? is valid and the 12 votes for unionization will prevail
?????? will not be recognized by the National Labor Relations Board because of the poor turnout of employees
?????? will be certified by the National Labor Relations Board


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