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Question 1. 1. Last year during the annual Girl Scout cookie-(Answered)


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Question 1.1. Last year during the annual Girl Scout cookie sale, the management of Allison Fabric Corporation allowed 25 Girl Scouts into the plant to sell cookies. The girls set up a table piled high with cookies and sold to the workers in the plant during their lunch hour. Which of the following statements is true?(Points : 1)

?????? The presence of Girl Scouts in a business or plant has no relationship whatsoever to union activity.
?????? The presence of the Girl Scouts in the plant selling cookies now means that the union has more rights than it did before the Girl Scouts were in the plant.
?????? The Girl Scouts are part of a discrete bargaining unit.
?????? The National Labor Relations Board can investigate the presence of the Girl Scouts on company property as a possible labor violation.


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