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Given G(s) = K/(s+2)(s+4)(s+6)(s+8), Find the transfer function-(Answered)


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Given G(s) = K/(s+2)(s+4)(s+6)(s+8), Find the transfer function of a lag-lead compensator that will yield a settling time of 0.5s shorter than the uncompensated system. The compensated system will also have a damping ratio of 0.5, and improve the stead-state error by a factor of 30. The compensator zero should be placed at -5. Also, find the compensated system's gain. Justify second-order approximations or verify the design through simulation. Matlab code and simulink

Calculated by hand... Please provide detail in answer so i can follow it and learn how to break these problems down as i have not done schooling for 25 years. Please make hand writing legible. Many thanks in advance.


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