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Attached you will find the project document and objectives of a-(Answered)


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Attached you will find the project document and objectives of a book bag drive for a local Adopt-a-school program you are managing. You have successfully completed the project and now it is time to present the project to the sponsors in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Managing the Project:

Prepare a project closure report that will include:

  • A project summary that provides an overview of the project objectives and scope.
  • A list of activities stating the completion criteria for the project. This will include the main deliverable for the project.
  • A list of outstanding business activities, risks, and issues not included in the project. This will include the risks that occurred and how they were resolved.
  • The final evaluation and sign-off from the client or customer.
  • Lessons learned.

Initial Project Assessment


The initial project assessment is the most important aspect that usually decides


the success of any project of a company. In this, as a manager and leader of a major


company that has agreed to participate in the citywide Adopt-a-School program, I have


to lead the program for the Book Bag drive sponsored by this company. In this


consideration, as the project manager, the initial project assessment can be conducted


as follows:


1. Project Charter Document


Project Objective:


The main project objective of the company is to fulfill the needs of the customers


through availability of the Book Bag drive in the market. Further, this project objective is


also related to increase sales of the Book Bag drive and influence the customers to take


part in viral marketing of the products (Berman, 2007). At the same time, this project


objective can also be considered as making a brand image of the Book Bag drive in the


market and reputation of the company as a quality product. Finally, the project objective


of this company is also related to make greater standing and competitive edge in this


industry for a long time.


At this stage, it can be stated that the project has various scope in the market


related to the Book Bag drive to maintain its value in the market through making


revenue. Additionally, customers would get full satisfaction in this initial stage of the


project because of the promotional cost. Now, as the project manager, the role is to


reach towards maximum customers and achieve the setting goals and objectives of the


company effectively and efficiently (Berman, 2007). Further, as the project manager,



establishment of the company image between customers is also a responsibility that


has to be accomplished.



Benefit to Customers:


Every project is established in the motive of providing benefits to the customers


and grabs the opportunity of their faith and trust on the business policy of the company.


In this scenario, the benefits of implementing the project to the customers can be seen


as efficiency in delivering the products and services and enhanced customer


satisfaction (Berman, 2007). Further, this project would also provide benefits to the


customers a good quality product. However, this project can fulfill the needs of the


children of the community in order to ensure that they would start the school.


At the same time, the benefits of implementing the project to the customers can


also be assumed as generating interests for organizing book drives and other benefits,


such as packing in manageable boxes.



Project Assumptions and Constraints:


It is a true fact that a project in the initial stage faces various challenges in the


path of the success. Further, manager would ensure that project team members are


available as needed to complete project tasks and objectives. The other assumption of


the project is that team members will adhere to the manager through proper


communication. Thus, the items that must be in place or that could hinder the project as


the constraints are the budget of the project, and time restrictions, as well as resource


limitations (Royer, 2014). Additionally, resource skill limitations are also a constraint of



the project that can delay the working system of the project operations. In this, the


budget of the project is the main part to accomplish the project successfully. However, in


case of lack of proper budget in the initial stage of the project, the success would be




On the other side, time restrictions can also adversely affect the project that can


be seen as stress and mental pressure of the manager and on the other employees.


Time restrictions can increase the costs of the project because of achieving the goals of


the project at the right time that would require other resources (Royer, 2014). In most of


the situations, resource limitations, such as man power and lack of enough products


can create constraints in the project initiation stage. At last resource skills limitations,


such as lack of talented employees can also hinder the project initiation stage.



Project Stakeholders:


The project success generally depends on the participation of the various


stakeholders. These stakeholders are concerned with both internal and external


environment of the organization (Royer, 2014). In this consideration, the internal and


external parties involved in and affected by the project as citywide Adopt-a-School


program for the Book Bag drive are described as below:



Internal Stakeholders/Parties


The internal parties that are directly involved in this project are employees of the


company, team members of the project, and manager/leader. Further, marketing


department members and quality control department can also be considered as internal



stakeholders/parties that are involved in the completion of the project (Kendrick, 2015).


Apart from these internal stakeholders, director of this company is also involved to


check the initiation stage of the project that is on the right track or not.



External Stakeholders/Parties


The external parties involved in this project are the project sponsors, retailers,


and wholesalers. These external stakeholders can participate in the project execution


effectively and efficiently because they can help to promote the product (Kendrick,


2015). The project sponsors are the most important stakeholders that help to influence


people through their relationship with the buyers. Further, customers, such children and


their parents, as well as school community are also some external stakeholders affected


by the project effectively.



High-Level Milestones:


This section is important for accomplishment of the project because it makes the


strategy easy to understand and target the objectives. In this, tasks of the project and


their completion dates can be involved to make the program easy and effective (This


can be understood from the following table:





















Tasks of the Project



Initial Project Start


Complete Gathering Requirements of the




Complete Design of the Project


Team Selection


Initial Meeting with Team Members


Appropriate training to the team members


Preparation of site facilities for implementation





























Citywide School Visits


Preparation of Progress Report


Submission of Final Report of the Project










Broad-level Cost Estimate:


In order to accomplish a project successfully, cost estimation is required to know


the total budget of the project. In this scenario, the overall project cost for team


resources would be at least $10,000 in which various costs can be included in a one


month citywide program. Further, the cost of the specific purchase or services would be


at least $5000 in which fuel, meals, and accommodation can be included (Taylor, 2007).


Apart from these project cost, the costs of the marketing items can also be considered


and it would be almost $2000 to implement the project.


Now, there is a question that who will be funding the project. It can be assumed


that the sponsors of the project would arrange funds for the project to make it


successful. Furthermore, the company can also provide some funds to initiate the





2. Stakeholder Analysis Document and Scope Statement


The main stakeholders that are affected by the project can be assumed as kids


that attend school, and their parents, as well as the school community. And, students


that attend the junior college can also be considered as stakeholder for the Book Bag


drive. These stakeholders are the main target of the project because they show their


interest and expectations to purchase the Book Bag drive (Taylor, 2007). The level of



interest of these stakeholders is different in which children show a high level of interest.


After that their parents and school community show reasonable interest to purchase the


book bag drive.


However, the expectations of these stakeholders are almost same in which


students show some different expectations than the other stakeholders because of style


and fashionable nature. Therefore, these stakeholders are most important for this


citywide Adopt-a-School program due to future business concern in the market (Taylor,


2007). Thus, it can be expected that these stakeholders have important influence on the


success of the project. These are the base of this product in the future consideration


when they would purchase on the regular basis.



3. Scope Statement


This project has many various scopes in the market that can effectively establish


the business of this company. In this, the scope of this project can be seen as grabbing


attention of the stakeholders towards the Book Bag drive and increasing earning


through fewer efforts and expenses in the marketing of the products.




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