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Nihon Ltd is a manufacturer of digital cameras. It has two-(Answered)


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  • Nihon Ltd is a manufacturer of digital cameras. It has two departments: Assembly and Testing. In January 2014, the company incurred $850,000 on direct materials and $898,000 on conversion costs, for a total manufacturing cost of $ 1,748,000.
  • Assume?there?was?no?beginning??inventory?of?any?kind?on?1?January?2013.?During?January,?10,000?cameras?were??placed?into?production?and?all?10,000?were?fully?completed?at?the?end?of?the??month.?What?is?the?unit?cost?of?an?assembled?camera?in?January??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(2?Marks)
  • Assume that during February 10,000 cameras are placed into production. Further assume the same total assembly costs for January are also incurred in February, but only 9,000 cameras are fully complete at the end of the month. All direct materials have been added to the remaining 1,000 cameras. However, on average, these remaining 1,000 cameras are only 50% complete as to conversion costs.

  • What are the equivalent units for direct materials and conversion costs and their respective costs per equivalent unit for February? ?????????????? (4 Marks)
  • What?is?the?unit?cost?of?an??assembled?camera?in?February?2013????????????(1??Marks)
  • Explain the difference in your answers to requirements 1 & 2.?? (2 Marks)????????


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