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Name: Dilip Shrestha ESSAY ASSAIGNMENT Date: 05/21/2016 What I-(Answered)


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Name: Dilip Shrestha






Date: 05/21/2016


What I want to do: I want to think about the relationship between global capitalism and human rights in an


everyday way. Think about brands that you purchase, or companies that you know, or services that you purchase,


or even international organizations and treaties, such as the IMF, the WTO, NAFTA, the TPP, and now the TTIP which


facilitate corporate dominance of the global economy. Pick one of thee for your paper topic.


Do a Google search using your topic term and ?human rights?.


Further explore your topic by using other, related, associational search terms (??and ??). Feel free to write in


your own topic. You do not have to write my own topic related to Human Rights, but prefer company and human


rights For example Apple and Human Rights, Nike and Human Rights, Human Rights of Food, Human Rights for




Find 3 newspaper articles from the New York Times, Wall street Journal or Christian Science Monitor that pertain to


your topic.


Find 1 article from The Nation, Counterpunch or Jacobin that pertains to your topic.


Find one full report from an NGO like Human Rights Watch or The Institute for Labor and Human Rights that


pertains to your topic.


Answers the following questions in the form of an essay:


1) What are the human rights issue that are brought up by your topic? Which articles of the UN Universal


Declaration of Human Rights are being violated?


2) How does your topic demonstrate the contradiction between profitability in a capitalist economy and human




3) What are some of non-government organization (NGO?s) that are working to provide a remedy for human rights


violations that you are discussing?


5) What are some of the media strategies that are being used to draw attention to these violations?


6) What has been the response of the violating party (government, company or international institution)? How


have made use of media strategies to defend the image?


7) Is there some sort of middle ground; some sort of compromise that can ?humanize? global capitalism? Does


global capitalism have to inevitable function as ?a race to the bottom??


Your essay should run at least 4 full pages, double spaced, with 1 inch margins and a 12 point font size.



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