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Jason from the designer group submitted a ticket with your-(Answered)


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What would be a good recommendation memo for the following attached file?

Jason from the designer group submitted a ticket with your companies IT Help Desk stating that he could


no longer access the Internet. Whenever he types a website name into his web browser, he gets an error


stating that the name can't be resolved. The help desk is asking for your help in troubleshooting the





Based on the scenario described, discuss what needs to be considered, including:


?What standard TCP/IP protocol is responsible for telling a computer what addresses and servers it


should use to connect to the network?


?What application protocol maps TCP/IP addresses to names?


?Do you think that the problem is on the user end or somewhere else? How would you determine that?


prepare a 2-page memo to the helpdesk. Include:


?Start with identifying what protocol(s) are causing the problem.


?Be sure to cover your solution recommendation, including protocol maps and TCP/IP addresses.


?Conclude with evidence to back up your recommendation and why you recommended what you did




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