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Nutritional Associates of New Jersey needs to place purchase orders for all rental equipment and all patient journals. The medical supply vendor provides the following equipment to Nutritional Associates:

1. Blood pressure monitor kits @ $129.00

2. Heart monitor kits @ $95.00

3. Activity monitor @ $109.00

4. Food intake journal @ $4.99

5. Food intake an activity journal @ $9.99

All items purchased by Nutritional Associates of New Jersey are charged a 7% sales tax rate.

Write a program to create an invoice to the supplier for individual patient supply orders (see figure 5.40, in the Visual Basic text for a model). After the user enters the data on the left side of figure 5.40, the user can display an invoice in a box by pressing the Process Order button. The user can click the Clear Order Form button to clear all text boxes and the list box, and can click on the quit button to exit the program. The invoice number consists of the capital letters "NA" followed by a "-" and then the capitalized first two letters of the customer's last name followed by the last four digits of the zip code. The customer name is input with the last name first, followed by a comma, a space, an then the first name. However, the name is displayed in the invoice in the proper order. Tae note of the data entry box for City, State, Zip. The user will enter the city name, followed by a comma, the state name, followed by a comma, and finally the zip code. The generation of the invoice number and the reordering of the first and last names should be carried out by Function procedures. The invoice should include the following: Nutritional Associates of NJ (Patient Name: first last) as the name? header.


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