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Nutritional Associates of New Jersey is in need or a brief billing report for patients. Write a program to generate a patient bill from the patient billing items found in the table below. Use the form in figure 4.62 of the visual basic text as a model, and write the program so that each group box is invisible and becomes visible only when its corresponding check box is checked. After the button is clicked, the amount of the bill should be calculated.

Blood work???????????????????????????????????? Nutritional Evaluation???????????????????????????????? Nutritional Journals

Basic Panel($79.99)??????????????????????? Bronze($199.99)?????????????????????????????????????????????? Food intake journals($9.99)

Basic Panel + advanced????????????????? Silver($299.99)??????????????????????????????????????????????????Food intake and activity journal($14.99)

cholesterol testing(129.99)?????????????Gold($399.99)

Basic panel + advanced

Basic panel + advanced

cholesterol testing + advanced

sugar testing + vitamin absorption


cholesterol testing + advanced

sugar testing($179.99)


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