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This is my normal feed back and I recieve Fs on my assignments-(Answered)


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This is my normal feed back and I recieve Fs on my assignments

copying or using quotes sources from is not allowed. All work must be in your own words and sources need to be fully cited and referenced

2. Learn to paraphrase and summarize rather than copying. The Writing Center on iGuide is a great resource

3. You cannot earn credit for plagiarized parts

This is my?assignment?Discussion Instructions

Imagine you are employed as a consulting psychologist by a new school system. They need your help with choosing a battery of tests to assess the cognitive functioning and achievement levels of individual students. The school system is considering many psychologists and their choice will be based on responses to the items below. Be specific and use APA format as you respond to the following:

Describe the process you would use to determine a battery of at least three standardized tests that meet the school system's needs.

Based on the school system's needs, identify the name and category of each test you would you choose.

Discuss your rationale for selecting each test?

Discuss how the standards presented in Chapter 12 of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing pertain to your choice of each test.

Hint: Be sure the tests you choose are standardized for the characteristics of the population being tested.


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