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Ideally, an outline and rough draft can be drafted. My rough-(Answered)


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Ideally, an outline and rough draft can be drafted. ?My rough draft is due tuesday when it gets peer edited in class and then the final draft with revisions is due friday. ?

Consider the Great Patriotic war of the Soviet Union in the context of its impact on


evolution of the Soviet Union. What effects did the nature of the war have on such areas


of Soviet life as a) politics and government, b) self-perception and identity, c) Soviet role


in the world d) economic development and e) demography (consider at least three (3)).


Was the Soviet Union a markedly different country after the end of the war than before?


If so, what was the difference and what specific war events/developments account for this


change? There does not have to be any outside research done; the essay should be 1500


words and written on the basis of primary sources available in the assigned volume of


documents by Ronald Grigor Suny




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