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read the article the obligation to endure, do Reading Responses,-(Answered)


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read the article the obligation to endure,

do Reading Responses, i will show you an example names response3 for how to do it, relax, very easy one, just final that i don't have more time

You are required to carefully read and annotate all readings BEFORE ENTERING THEDISCUSSION FORUM.

Be prepared to engage in critical discussion of the text. For eachassigned essay from the course text, you must submit a 15-22 sentence typed response that includes the following elements:

1) 3-4 sentence summary of the essay's purpose that integrates a brief quote

2) 2-3 sentence explanation of the essay's primary audience3) 2-3 sentence evaluation of the effectiveness of EACH of the three rhetorical appeals

a. LOGOS (2-3 sentences)

b. ETHOS (2-3 sentences)

c. PATHOS (2-3 sentences)

4) 3-4 sentence personal reaction to the author's argument (this is the only part of yourresponse to draw significantly from personal experience)

5) One interpretative question

English 1A


Lulu Tao


Reading response 3




In ?Leave Your Name at the Border? the author states that he is a Mexican American


living in a small California town. He explores the complications that arise when


people try to assimilate to a new culture, through the lens of very literal form of


identity: name. Growing up, he and his peers spoke English at school and Spanish at


home. As a result, ?Spanish was for privacy ? and privacy quickly turn to shame?. He


also links this feeling to a recent trend that disturbs him: his family has begun giving


their children American names like ?Brandon? or ?Kaitlyn?, while old- fashioned


Mexican names disappear. There is one thing I feel interesting for the author. his


unmistakably Mexican first name was always a mark of his roots. And an obstacle to


the melting pot: traditional names ?stood as barriers to a complete embrace of an


American identity, simply because their pronunciations required a slip into Spanish,


the otherness that assimilation was supposed to erase.?


Primary audience


The author's intended audience are most included American adults of all ethnicities.


sentence evaluation of the effectiveness of EACH of the three rhetorical appeals




The corrosive effect of assimilation is the displacement of one culture over another,


the inability to sustain more than one way of being. It isn't a code word for racial and


ethnic acculturation only. It applies to needing to belong, of seeing from the outside


and wondering how to get in and then, once inside, realizing there are always those


still on the fringe.




It didn't take long for me to assert the power of code-switching in public, the


transferring of words from one language to another, regardless of who might be


listening. I was learning that the English language composed new meanings when its


constrictions were ignored, crossed over or crossed out. Language is all about


manipulation, or not listening to the rules.




My stepfather, from Ojos de Agua, Mexico, jokes when I ask him about the names of


Mexicans born here. He deliberately stumbles over pronunciations, imitating our


elders who have difficulty with Bradley and Madelyn. "Ashley S?nchez. ?T? crees?"


He wonders aloud what has happened to the "nombres del rancho" - traditional


Mexican names that are hardly given anymore to children born in the States: Heraclio,


Madaleno, Otilia, Dominga.


personal reaction to the author?s argument


The most important I get from reading this text are that I am now able to empathize


with those Mexican-Americans who are besieged in the fast paced and often harsh


American lifestyle. By reading this text, I was able to form another view of Mexicans


in our country, even if I still have doubts about the accuracy of Manuel?s account.


One interpretative question


. If living in America meant changing one?s identity, as Manuel stated, then why was


it so important to stay in this country?Is prejudice of Mexican-Americans a serious






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