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After carefully revising and rewriting your research paper?s thesis sentence (created in Written Assignment 3), include it in a carefully written introduction.

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Research Proposal: Consequences Of Crack Cocaine Abuse


The reason for writing this research is to examine the consequences of crack cocaine


use in society. The article will give a brief history of the origin and abuse of cocaine. It will


give the factors that influence people to abuse cocaine. It will explain the different modes of


application of the drug. It will outline the effects of cocaine use to an individual and his


family. The results will be grouped into short-term and long-term effects. Finally, the paper


will provide measures that the government and society can undertake to prevent the abuse of


crack cocaine and rehabilitate drug addicts.


My inspiration for choosing the above topic is a burning desire to enlighten members of


the society on the adverse consequences of substance abuse. Crack cocaine has disastrous


effects on the mental and physical health of an individual. Moreover, the outcome of crack


cocaine use to anyone is an addiction to the drug. Addiction leads to poverty and an increase


in the rate of crime as individuals use all their resources to fuel their addiction. Crack cocaine


abuse also leads to disputes amongst family members, which cause the breakup of families.


By addressing the drawing attention to the issue of cocaine abuse, it is my hope that the


negative consequences of cocaine abuse will be prevented.


The primary audience of this research is all members of society with an emphasis on


pregnant women. This is because babies delivered by women who abuse the drug in the


course of their pregnancy remain the most innocent victims of the drug. Research has


confirmed that Cocaine use in crack form or as a powdered substance by an expectant mother


can harm a baby in numerous ways. In the initial stages of pregnancy, it heightens the danger


of miscarriage. The unborn child may also have a heart attack, a stroke, and brain damage.





Crack cocaine is a harmful substance, which has devastating effects on people who


abuse the drug and their families. Bills such as the Fair Sentencing Act instituted in 2010 are


not sufficient to tackle the crack crisis in America. Thus, the government has to take more


proactive steps to curb the sale of drugs.


Accordingly, to bring drug dealers to justice, the government should equip and fund law


enforcement authorities adequately. Members of the society should also be encouraged to


cooperate with the police by giving authorities vital information that can be used to apprehend


drug dealers. The government should establish drug awareness schemes in schools and in


mass media to enlighten teenagers against substance abuse as a precautionary measure against


drug addiction.




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