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Can someone help me with a rather easy flowchart. This is Case 1-(Answered)


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Can someone help me with a rather easy flowchart. ?This is Case 1 for Operation Management. ?What else would you need?

You?re desperately in love with another person, but that person doesn?t know you exist. You decide to


skip the whole getting-to-know-you routine, and cast a love spell.


Assume you have a book containing the rituals, plus the ingredients lists. The sex of the target


determines which list you?ll use; there?s one for men, and a separate one for women. The first step is to


choose the appropriate list, and check that you have everything on hand. One common ingredient on


both lists is Eye of Newt (EoN). If you don?t have EoN but have Tongue of Cobra (ToC), then you can use


that, but only if the target is male. Otherwise, you have to have all the ingredients on the list, with no


substitutions allowed. If you don?t, then that?s the end of the procedure, at least for the time being.


If you have all the ingredients, then check the phase of the Moon. If the subject is male, the Moon


should be waxing (New Moon through the day before Full). If the subject is female, the Moon should be


waning (Full Moon through the day before New). If the time of the month isn?t auspicious, then wait.


Once the Moon is right, perform the ritual in either Latin or Greek, depending upon whether the target is


male (Latin) or female (Greek). This is the end of the procedure. Good luck!


Hint: The most efficient flowchart has two main paths, one for male and the other for female targets.


Provide a short (one or two paragraph) explanation of the chart. Include citations.




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