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Hello. Could you please help me with the problem below. Thank you. (Please find file attached)

Pete has two accounts with XBank, a savings account and a checking account. The fees on checking

account are 10% of the balance, while the interest on the savings account is 10%. Pete will be travelling for

a while and won?t need either of the accounts, but wants to keep a set amount on the checking account at

all time for a case of emergency.

At the beginning of his trip he has a deposit of $1000 on the checking account, and a deposit of $1000 on

the savings account. To balance the accounts, Pete scheduled a regular transfer of $100 from the savings to

the checking account. Pete reasons that the 10% interest on the savings account will cover exactly the fee.

Upon his return, Pete finds much to his surprise that his accounts fall short of the expected $2000. He calls

customer service of XBank. The customer representative tells him that they can?t find any problem with

their banking software; they tested it a few times with the amounts Pete provided, and each time the final

combined balance was $2000. The banking software completed three tasks, each by a separate thread. The

first thread withdraws the fee from the checking account, the second adds the interest to the savings

account, and the final thread transfers $100 from the savings to checking account.

Question 1

Open the project banking, clean and build it, and run it a few times. Can you reproduce Pete?s problem?

Analyze and describe the problem, and how to solve it. Use the debugger if necessary.


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