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Only 2 questions- 250 word minimum each. 1. Review Video Case 8:-(Answered)


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Only 2 questions- 250 word minimum each.?

1.?Review Video Case 8: Segway Finds Niche Markets for Its Technology located at:?

This interesting video tells the story of the Segway from its initial inception to current day which includes hurdles they needed to overcome through the various stages of development. Thinking about marketing strategies (four Ps) that are associated with sales growth, how might Segway further develop the market for Segway technology? Would a Segway be an effective method of transportation in the area you live or work? Why?

2.?One key objective of the compliance plan in a healthcare organization is to create a secure and effective reporting process, thereby avoiding?qui tamlawsuits against the facility. What is a?qui tam?lawsuit, and how can we avoid them? Can you envision any situation in which you yourself might file aqui tam?lawsuit?


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