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The Cultural Approaches So far, you have considered organizations-(Answered)


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The Cultural Approaches

So far, you have considered organizations as machines, organisms, and now as entire cultures. As you consider an organization as a culture, you must think about what makes that organization "what it is." This week, you read about two approaches to organizations that seek to answer that question: the prescriptive and emergent cultural approaches.

For this Application, you will apply the cultural approaches to a currently operating organization.

To prepare for this assignment, visit the website of one of the following companies. As you peruse your selected website, think about how the cultural approaches can be applied to the organization.

  • SAS?:?
  • Google?:?
  • Target?:?

In a 1- to 2-page paper, apply the prescriptive and emergent cultural approaches to the organization.

Include the following in your paper:

  • With which type of cultural approach do you think this company is working? What on the company's website suggests a prescriptive or emergent approach?
  • Examine various aspects of the culture of the organization: facts, practices, vocabulary, stories, rituals, and relevant constructs. (A relevant construct is any major idea or metaphor upon which the organization relies.)
  • What makes the organization unique? What kind of image is the company trying to create? What is it supposed to feel like for employees? Is the organization successful in meeting those goals?


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