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this is a c++ homework please help me answer this problem Thank-(Answered)


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this is a c++ homework

please help me answer this problem

Thank you

Math 3300 Programming Assignment 7



Instructions: Work on the following 1 programs and submit your source


code to me via Blackboard (you should send only 1 total files (in cpp format).


Do not send your .exe files. This program will test your ability to create classes.


1. Create a class named fraction which will represent a new data type


corresponding to fractions. Your class should create the following private




- Integers n and d corresponding to the numerator and denominator


of the fraction


- A function gcd which returns the greatest common divisor of 2 integers (to help you reduce the fraction).


And the following public member functions:


- 3 constructors which will create any fraction when declared with 2


integers, will create a/1 when declared with 1 integer, and will create


0/1 when declared with no integers.


- num which returns the numerator of the fraction


- denom which returns the denominator of the fraction


- reduce which reduces the fraction to its lowest terms (using the


gcd function above). This function changes the value of n and d




- convert which returns a double representing the fraction (i.e. 3/4


becomes 0.75)


You are to overload the following operators: +, ?, ?, /, + =, ? =, ? =


, / =, <, <=, >, >=, ==, ! = for use with fractions. For the operators


+, ?, ?, /, + =, ? =, ? =, / =, calculate the new fraction in lowest terms


(like 3/4 instead of 6/8). Overload + and ? for both unary and binary




Also overload << and >> to accept and display fractions in the form


a/b. A fraction like a/1 should be displayed as a. You can assume that a


fraction will always be input in the form a/b.




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