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Rourke, J. T., & Boyer, M. A. (2010). International politics on the world stage: Brief. (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780073526300.

Subject-Multinational Corporations


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By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:

  • Competency 2: Evaluate the impact of the rise of multinational corporations.
    • Evaluates and explains how the multinational corporation affects the countries in which it is located.
    • Explains the expansion of the multinational corporation in other countries.
    • Describes how the multinational corporation affects the social, political, and economical development in countries in which it is located.
  • Competency 7: Communicate effectively in a variety of formats.
    • Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.

It is becoming more and more common for corporations to expand on an international level, to distribute work and resources across nations, instead of being based solely in one country. This shift has had a profound effect on both national and international economies.

In this assignment, choose one of the following multinational corporations (MNCs) that you are interested in studying. You must choose from the list that you find in the Resources section for this assignment. These links are also listed in your Course Materials. You may need to research more than just the Web site to complete this assignment. Write a paper about your findings that demonstrate this organization's relevance in global politics. Include the following:

  • Identify and briefly describe the multinational corporation you selected.
  • Answer the following questions and provide a brief description:
    • Where is the MNC based?
    • What does it produce? Provide a brief description of its product and use.
    • In addition to where it is based, where else does the MNC operate?
  • When did it expand beyond the boundaries of its home country? Why did it expand?
  • What effect has its global expansion had on the countries into which it expanded, in terms of:
    • Social development.
    • Political development.
    • Economic development.

While content is the most important aspect of your paper; organization, readability, grammar, and spelling are also important. The length of your paper should be determined by its content, and it should follow APA format. Add headers as appropriate, include a reference page at the end of your paper, and be sure to properly cite and provide references for material you use in your paper, per APA guidelines. The paper you submit should be in a Word document or RTF format.

Once complete, attach your assignment in the assignment area, and submit it to your instructor. Refer to the Multinational Corporations Scoring Guide to ensure you have met the requirements of the assignment, prior to submitting.







Multinational Corporations


POL2000 ? Globalization





Disneys land is definitely something out of a fairy tell book. The leadership team


manages at Disney?s handle the largest media company globally and they are the


creative thinker behind some of the most cherished and valued brands around the entire








world. The Disney Company strategy is to focus on producing the finest imaginative


content conceivable, promoting improvement and exploiting the up-to-date or modern


technology while continuing its growth into new marketplaces around the globe. That


said, the purpose of this paper is to briefly describe the multinational corporation Walt


Disney World Company. While answering the following questions and provide a brief


description of; where is the MNC based, what does it produce, provide a brief


description of its product and use. In additionally to where this company is based this


paper will summarize where else does the MNC operate, when did it expand beyond the


boundaries of its home country, why did it expand, what effect has its global expansion


had on the countries into which it expanded, in terms of social development, political


development, and economic development will be explored and details will be provided.


Identify and briefly describe your Multinational Corporation


The Multinational Corporation chosen for this assignment to briefly describe is


called Walt Disney Company. Since the beginnings as a cartoon studio in the 1920s to


todays World Corporation, the company still continues to deliver excellent amusement


to every single person in their family across the United States and around the globe.


Disney?s Company together with its other companies or subsidiaries and associates, is


a leading diversified worldwide family attraction and a mass media business with


several company sectors called parks and resorts, media networks, and consumer


products and interactive media just to name a few.


Where is the MNC based


Walt Disney Company opens the Disneyland door to the public on July 17,1955.


The Disney Company was established and still holds it center of operation in


California, United States of America. As of today, Disneyland Resort has entertained








over 650 million guests. Since then the company has interactive created quality


entertainment for people all across digital media platforms, including social and console


games. The Walt Disney Company built their foundation on Walt Disney Studios. Today,


the Studio still brings nothing but the top of the line music and the stage play to its


customers throughout the Goble (, n.d.). The Disney Company has


transmuted itself into an exceptionally enterprise globally, building and increasing its


industries in established and evolving markets.


What does it produce, a brief description of its product and use


Disney World produces a very wide variety of products and services globally. In


the year between 1930 and 1940 the company primary product was its cartoon


character until it spread its corporation into television and making movies. After Disney


World opens its theme park and resort in California it moved its company forward to its


second theme park and Orlando, Florida. Walt Disney launched its very own website in


1995 and later on in 2005 the Company another one. The Company has its own store,


outdoor Mall, and it expanded it's theme parks between 1970 and 1980 to draw even


more customs. The Company not only have its own Disney Channel on TV and Disney


cruise ship the company publishes its books with Hyperion Books, this is only a few


accomplishments among many not mention above (About-Disney, 2010).


Where else does the MNC operate


The Company built its first Disney Resort in China, Hong Kong Disneyland, which


opened on September 12,2005 and ranking this particular Resort as one of the top


tourist destinations in the country. Disneyland is also surrounded by resorts that include


hotels and refreshment facilities and a place that is part of Disney, but it was set up for








the local. The park just had a major extension that included three brand new theme


areas; toy story land (2011), grizzly gulch (2012), and mystic point (2013). By the year


2016), customers can enjoy taking a flight with iron man at the first Disney attraction


based on the experience of the character name Marvel. The guest will also be able to


enjoy the largest lake created by men in Hong Kong (Studio-Entertainment, 2010).


When and why did it expand beyond the boundaries of its home country


Disney started expanding in the year of 1955 to continue their committed to their


guest as being the most exciting park and resort in the world. The first Disney theme


park developed outside the US was the Tokyo Disneyland, which open in 1983 and has


become the Japan?s number one recreation park for an individual entire family. Tokyo


Disneyland is owned and operated by a company called Oriental Land. The Tokyo


Disney Resort has two parks that include Tokyo Disney Sea, that open in 2001, three


Disney branded hotels and the Ikspiari shopping, dining and entertainment district,


which opened in 2000. The Japanese customers call it the Magic Kingdom of Dreams.


Tokyo Disneyland has the same image as the original Disneyland Park built in 1955.


The park just recently celebrated their 30th bicentenary.


Social Development affects in other countries


The Walt Disney Company in the US has a great effect in other countries


because of the Social Media it bring the magic of Disney world straight into it customer


home. The Licensing company has aligned its business around five strategic brand


priorities; Disney Media, Classics & Entertainment, Disney & Pixar Animation Studios,


Disney Princess & Disney Fairies, Lucasfilm and Marvel. Disney Publishing Company is


the world largest publisher of children's book, magazines and digital product that








includes English language learning business, and over 40 Disney English learning


centers across China including a supplemental learning book program. Disney


interactive is one of the world?s largest creators of quality interactive entertainment


across all current and emerging digital media platforms that includes blockbuster mobile


and console games, online virtual worlds and ranked number one



Over 55 years, Disneyland Resort has become an economic engine, generating


about 4.7 billion dollars a year for the state of California economy. They also generate


255 million in tax money, including sales, hotels, and income taxes for adjacent


counties, cities and the state, provide jobs for 35,000 individual, which include their very


own employees spending money, third party vendors and during their expansion they


created 1,700 construction jobs a year that in return grew their workforce by twenty five


percent adding 5,000 new jobs to the economy.


Walt Disney world attracts thousand of people from around the globe and they


come from different countries and including the White house. Several of our very own


presidents have visited this legendary park. For example, President Carter was one of


the first president to visit Disneyland park. President Carter held a meeting at the Magic


Kingdom concerning the 26th world Congress. President Reagan celebration his second


term as the US president at EPCOT. In 1991 President Bush also visited the famous


EPCOT to oversee the first Points of Light observance to honor volunteers for the work


they have done at the America Gardens Theatre. Making history President Obama was


the fourth president to visit the theme park just to make an announcement about US








travel and tourism in front of a crowd of invited guests and media leading to a list of a


very few United States presidents that has actually visited one of many Disney?s parks


(Walt Disney, 2013).





About Disney, (2010) About-Disney. Retrieved from, (n.d.). WALT DISNEY PARKS AND RESORTS. Retrieved from










Walt Disney, (2013). Political Impact. Retrieved from




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