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Johnson-1 A Project on Refurbishment of a Meeting Hall Drapier-(Answered)


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I have attached assignment #2 Project for referencing. Part A must be done in MS Project

This assignment consists of two (2) parts: a project schedule, and a written response. You must submit both parts as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the part of the assignment it is written for.

Part A: Project Schedule
(Submit as one [1] Microsoft Project file)

  1. In Assignment 2, you developed a project plan. Now, using the information from your project proposal, create a multi-level work breakdown structure (WBS) and detailed project schedule. Your project must include the following criteria:
    • The project must consist of at least twenty-five (25) tasks.?
    • Each task must contain a start date, a finish date, and have main staffing and non-staffing resources assigned.?
    • Assume that your work activities are completed during normal weekdays (no weekend work) under normal conditions (8 hours per day).?
    • In terms of holidays, you can assume no work will be done the following days: New Year?s Day, President?s Day, Good Friday, Good Monday, Friday before Memorial Day, Memorial Day, the business day before Independence Day, Independence Day, the Friday before Labor Day, Labor Day, the day before Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), the business day before Christmas, Christmas Day, the business day after Christmas Day, and New Year?s Eve.

Part B: Written Response
(Submit as a Microsoft Word file)

Write a one to two (1-2) page response in which you:

  1. Analyze your project in terms of project completion, critical path, and slack / float. Specifically, be sure to answer the following:?
    • When will the project be completed??
    • What is the critical path for the project?
    • How much slack / float is in your project? What activities have the greatest slack / float?
  2. Summarize the recommendations or improvements you would make to your project schedule. Specifically, be sure to answer the following:
    • Identify the top three (3) activities that you believe could impact the project completion date.
    • What additional activities would you add to this project to make it more complete, from a project management viewpoint?
  3. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
    • Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student?s name, the professor?s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.




A Project on Refurbishment of a Meeting Hall



Drapier Johnson



Professor Pamela Payne-Powell, PMP


BUS375 Project Management


24 April 2016





A Project on Refurbishment of a Meeting Hall


Summary of the Project


The project involves refurbishment of a meeting hall in preparation of a coming general


meeting. The main goal is to provide enough space and conducive environment for the general


meeting. The project will be performed within constraint budget and time. Despite the


challenges, the goal and the objective of the project must be accomplished.


Project Goals


(I) To have enough sitting capacity for the company's general meeting, the company is expecting


three hundred people. Our goal is, therefore, to provide enough space with a conducive


environment to host the shareholders, employees, directors, auditors and other guests who will be


attending the function.


(II) To renovate the store with the necessary equipment for the meeting party. The hall to be


renovated has been used as the major store for the company. Therefore, there are no electrical to


be used before and after the meeting. Our goal is to put it in order such that there will be sockets


required for projectors and entertainment equipment


(III) To paint and decorate- The Hall will be painted with the company's colors, red and white;


the decorating chandeliers will be shinning cream.


Project Objectives


i) Complete the project within the planned time ? The main aim is to carry out the project within


the stipulated three months period


ii) To complete the project within the stipulated budget of 10,000 dollars


iii) To ensure customer satisfaction by involving them in designing of the hall.


Customer of the Project and Key Stake Holders





The key customer of the project is the organization, Comrat Limited Company


shareholders who will be using the facility for the general meetings and the employees who will


also be having their functions in the hall and the board of directors who oversee the project


The stakeholders are the Shareholders who are the financier of the project, the board of directors


who authorized the plan and the budget of the project. The company auditors are also


stakeholders for they will use the meeting to ensure that all protocols are followed to enhance


financial reporting to the customers. The local government which is involved in giving the


permits and standards required for the hall renovation is also considered a stakeholder in the


project success.


Project Deliverables


Phase i- This will include the planning of the project within stipulated time and budget, project


design and staff sourcing as well division of labor.


Phase ii- This will include a transfer of the good stored in the hall to the new store, dismantle the


existing items and partitions in the hall to allow for the renovation process.


Phase iii- Wiring the hall, painting, decorating and furnishing the hall.


Timeline key tasks in three-month deadline


Phase I- Planning of the project will take one day. Project design four days, sourcing of required


labor will take two weeks.


Phase II- Transfer of goods to the new store will take one week, removal of the partitions will


take one week, and removal of the items left during partition will take one day.


Phase iii- The wiring of the hall will take one week, painting of the store will take two weeks,


and furnishing will take one week while decorating the hall will take one more week.


Project?s Budget





The project overall cost will be 10,000 dollars. The key staff is the hall designer, the


electrician, and an interior designer. Key non- staffing resources are the paint, electrical, and




Key Challenge


The key challenge of the project may be the constraint on time. This is because we will


be relying on casual labor which may not be reliable regarding availability to work. My


recommendation is to outsource for a company that will provide the casuals. This will save us


time to search for them and cost in case they are not available during the project process.




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