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Tesla Motor Inc. ( recently introduced energy efficient, battery powered electric vehicles in the USA and in some of the EU countries. The CEO aims to enter in the Australian market with a promotional budget of US$1 billion for a projected sales of 20,000 units of Tesla vehicles in its first year of entry in Australia. As a Tesla Marketing Manager, prepare a "marketing plan" for the Australian market for 2016-2017.

word limit: not more than 3000 words

referencing style : APA

Executive summary (four paragraphs or one page summarizing the whole report) --- 5%

Background (briefly write about the company, products, visions and mission, and current marketing objectives) --- 5%

Situation analysis (market summary including market demography and demand analysis, marketing environment/SWOT analysis, current competition, product and competitors' marketing promotional budget and sales analysis, target market and market positioning analysis) --- 40%

Marketing promotion objectives and strategies for 2016-2017 --- 20%

Media and budget allocation for 2016-2017 --- 15%

Conclusion, correct writing style & format, expression & language, citations & references etc. --- 15%


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