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Hi I was just stuck on how to structure this essay. Attached is-(Answered)


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Hi I was just stuck on how to structure this essay. ?Attached is the prompt with my assigned person and text. ?I was hoping to draft an outline and eventually a rough draft. ?The paper must be 5 pages long and must include 4 sources. ?Thank you.

Prompt: For this project, you will write a short research paper on a figure or related debates in


the history of rhetoric. Once you have picked your topic, you will need to read secondary sources


about that person or issue and?if you choose a person?primary texts written by that person.


Secondary sources should be scholarly texts. (A scholarly journal is a publication intended for an


audience of people like professors, professionals, and university students. They are usually


published by a university, or a professional society or association. These journals are "refereed"


or "peer?reviewed," meaning that articles are reviewed by experts prior to publication. Scholarly


articles are published in these journals. These articles are written by scholars in the field of study,


people who often have established credentials. Scholarly articles generally report on original


research or experimentation, and sources are cited in bibliographies or footnotes.) You will want


to include a biography of the person (if applicable) and explore what they contributed to rhetoric.


You will also want to include an analysis of one or more texts he or she has written. What does


the author argue? Describe the context, debate, or conversation to which the author is


responding. What are the implications of the argument? How does the author redefine or


characterize rhetoric? You will need to include at least four sources, and two of them must be


secondary texts about the figure or issue.


Topic: Luce Irigaray This Sex Which Is Not One


Question: I am unsure about how to start this essay. I am not familiar using


secondary and primary sources and how to cite them. I was hoping we could draft an


outline for the essay and hopefully find some sources to use in the paper. Thanks in






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