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Can you help me with this 1 discussion board reply. It must be 250 words. I have uploaded the other information.

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In the second presentation on a balanced use of educational media, the speaker makes the case that


education is best done through reading, which requires an ?, cognitive interaction.? Yet the


method in which this idea is being communicated is through a video presentation. It seems as though


there is a lack of differentiation between media as entertainment, and media as a learning modality.


What is being proposed is that ?television? requires a passive mind, and that it does all of the thinking


for you. I do not find this to be accurate.


It is true that reading as entertainment requires a level of imagination to create a mental image of the


scenery and characters of a story, but this does not simply make watching a story a completely passive


process. The mind is still active, figuring out what is happening next, feeling the emotions, and


interpreting a potential meaning from the plot. In fact, learning by visual content may benefit a learner


because it takes away the mental work of imagination. Since an image can be created for the viewer,


learning may be aided. We see allegory being used in writing and oral presentations to help the reader


or listener to understand the idea that the is being presented. Jesus himself used parables to convey his


message to his audience. Visual aids through the television is no different.


So whether you are learning or being entertained, television does not make your cognitive interaction


disappear. The question should not be whether television or reading is better for an individual, but how


the activity affects the productivity of an individual.




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