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1. In what fund would you record payment of a firefighter's-(Answered)


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1. In what fund would you record payment of a firefighter's salary?

2. Explain encumbrances. Give an example to show you understand the concept.

3. Explain how a property tax levy is determined. Give an example.

4. Explain the term "delinquent taxes."

5. How do governments use tax anticipation notes?

6. What is the procedure for recording goods received that were ordered in a prior budget year?

7. Explain the term fiscal year? Give an example to illustrate your understanding.

8. What accounts in the General Fund are generally closed at the end of the period?

9. When does a government use a special revenue fund?

10. Explain interfund transfers.

11. What are government-wide financial statements?

12. Explain how governments record their budget.


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