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1.Give an example exercise for each of the six primary movements-(Answered)


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1.Give an example exercise for each of the six primary movements that occur at the joints between body segments: flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, circumduction and rotation. Are there any exercises that combine three or more of these movements? If so, name a few and describe which movements take place and where they occur.

2.What general repetition scheme would you suggest in a training program for the following trainees: power lifter, soccer player, office worker, carpenter, football player, obese client, runner, swimmer? Why do you feel that these recommendations would be appropriate for each trainee?

3.Critically evaluate any three popular fat loss programs. How do they stack up against each other relative to their nutritional profile? Their ability to support intense training? Their ability to provide lasting results?

4.Seek out a competent sports medicine expert "medical doctor, chiropractic physician, nurse or physical therapist" and go over some of the sports-medical problems outlined in the course text. Are these outlines specific enough? Are any sports-medical problems left out that should be included? What else can you do to better prepare yourself in assisting your clients to seek competent sports-medical assistance?

1. Flexion is any movement which reduces angles between the joints. An example of


knee flexion is bending knee which will reduce the angle between lower leg and upper


leg. Standing biceps curl is...


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