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I need help with a research paper for my research class. The-(Answered)


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I need help with a research paper for my research class. The following are the instructions. Using the


topic of childhood obesity, design a short research proposal for an ethnographic study that answers


questions only answerable through qualitative research. Include a discussion of steps 1-6 from chapter


10, including but not limited to, how you would enter the field, present yourself, ow you will build


rapport and trust, your level of involvement, the types of questions you will ask etc. Be sure to justify


each decision position. There are many ways of doing things, so be purposeful in your decisions.


Format: your paper must be at least 1000 words (approx. 4 pages at 12 points, Times New Roman,


double spaced) APAP format with a correctly formatted title page. Correctly formatted page numbers;


double spaced, no extra spaces in between paragraphs. Include a works cited page and use internal


citation with page numbers. Assignment is due May 1, 2016 at 4:00pm mountain time. Thank you in


advance for the assistance





Follow-up after bariatric surgery is important for optimal weight loss, improving quality of life and


decreasing the risk of nutritional deficiencies. Factors influencing compliance and long term follow up


have been scarcely studied and little research is present. Moreover, many questions yet to be answered


are: Is psychiatric evaluation for all patients prior to surgery going to affect compliance afterwards? What


is the role of preparatory courses and are they going to improve outcome? Can a difference be made


with the help of pharmaceutical consultation services? Further studies are needed to answer these



questions, optimize follow-up and look for modifiable risk factors influencing compliance with vitamin


supplements. I believe this is a great topic for a study, looking forward to the outcome.






Stegemann, Lloyd. (2013). Choosing the ?Right? Weight-loss Surgery Procedure. Retrieved from: (Links to an external







Obesity is a major risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, a condition known causing lack of


sleep continuity and daytime sleepiness. Weight loss interventions are recommended, however


knowledge on what facilitate and impede eating behavior change is lacking for this particular population.


Interesting article.






Brander, P. E. (2004, March 1) A cognitive-behavioral weight reduction program in the treatment of


obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Retrieved from:




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