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Hi I would like some assistance for solving this problem which is-(Answered)


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Hi I would like some assistance for solving this problem which is a question from water engineering. If you could kindly provide step by step guidance with equation that needs to be applied and explain the logic/rule that must be considered, that would be amazing. If you could further write up a clean solution then that's even better! It would be much much appreciated if you could help me out. I've included some important information that needs to be applied to the question. Thank you! ??

Water level in Reservoir 0, H0 [m]: 22.357

Water level in Reservoir 1, H1 [m]: 13.674

Water level in Reservoir 2, H2 [m]: 24.995

Water level in Reservoir 3, H3 [m]: 12.09

Pipe diameter, D0[m]; 0.726

Pipe diameter, D1 [m]; 0.503

Pipe diameter, D2, [m]; 0.706

Pipe diameter, D3 [m]; 0.582

Pipe diameter, D4 [m]; 0.409

Pipe length, L0 [m]; 303.151

Pipe length, L1 [m]; 263.035

Pipe length, L2 [m]; 129.41

Pipe length, L3 [m]; 156.138

Pipe length, L4 [m]; 202.253

Pipe roughness ks0? [mm]; 7.70E-05

Pipe roughness ks1? [mm]; 4.15E-03

Pipe roughness ks2? [mm]; 1.13E-04

Pipe roughness ks3? [mm]; 9.68E-04

Pipe roughness ks4? [mm]; 1.01E-02

Entry loss coefficients K0; 0.618

Entry loss coefficients K1; 0.123

Entry loss coefficients K2; 0.375

Entry loss coefficients K3; 0.76

Nozzle diameter Dn [m]; 0.299

Datum: 0


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