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Task: You are to create a presentation that illustrates how you-(Answered)


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Mayo Case Study?

I need help putting together a presentation for a case study.? Case study attached.? I'm stumped need this ASAP.? not too long but I need it to be nice and professional.? I've attached case study along with supporting information to create power point presentation.? Need this by ASAP.? Will pay $50



You are to create a presentation that illustrates how you would present to an 8


unit small regional chain on Hellmann?s/Best Foods table top squeeze mayo.


Your objective is to gain approval for an in store test in 2 of their units for a 2


week time-frame with the end goal to gain a specification in all units.





You have an appointment with the buyer at the corporate office for ?Imagination


Grill?. The purchasing manager/buyer is ?Brad Moore?. They currently use


ramekins to deliver mayo to the table when a patron asks for mayo. They use


distributor brand back of the house mayo in a 4/1 gallon format. Their customer


base is millenials, families and boomers. The majority of their business is lunch


day part. The menu consists of primarily gourmet burgers, sandwiches and


salads. Average ticket price is $14.86. Primary distributor is SYSCO.




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