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Source: 1Euromoitor, Jan 2014. 2Technomic 2012 Sandwich-(Answered)


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Mayo Case Study?

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Source: 1Euromoitor, Jan 2014. 2Technomic 2012 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report



Source: P&K Packet Efficacy Study, September 2011



Source: P&K Packet Efficacy Study, September 2011



Source: NPD Mayonnaise Dispenser Concept Test, North America, December 2009



68% would order their favorite


item if made with


Hellmann?s? or Best Foods?





Source: NPD Hellmann?s? Brand Study, June 2014



Why does the Hellmann?s? mayonnaise bottle that I buy in the grocery


store state, ?Refrigerate after opening,? but the foodservice bottle states


?No refrigeration needed??


From a food safety standpoint, Hellmann?s? and Best Foods? Squeeze Bottle Mayonnaise is


perfectly stable when stored at room temperature, even after opening. It?s prepared under


strict quality control using ingredients that ensure Hellmann?s? and Best Foods? high


standards are consistently met.1


Educating your guests.


Mayonnaise at home says it needs to be refrigerated. Why doesn?t this mayo need to be




It takes less than 14 days to use our mayonnaise, where in-home usage could take 30 days


or more. Ours is shelf-stable because it?s used so quickly. 2



Sources: 1 The Association for Dressings and Sauces, Mayonnaise: The Misunderstood Dressing, 2000




Table Top Research Study, 2013



Wire and Paper Caddies




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