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please assist : A sound financial system is the backbone of a-(Answered)


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please assist :

  1. A sound financial system is the backbone of a developing economy?. Do you agree with the statement? Give your arguments by illustrating each of them.

  1. The forex markets are different kinds of markets where customers are connected globally. Elaborate.

  1. More the risks more are going to be the returns. What types of risk exist in the international foreign exchange markets? Do we have any risk management system as well?

  1. How the currency exchange rates are determined? What role is played by the interest rates in determining the exchange rates? Explain by giving an practical example.

  1. Assume zero transaction costs:

A: ?/U$ = 106.50, B: C$/U$ = 1.3215 , C: ?/C$ = 82.905

  1. Determine if triangular arbitrage is feasible.
  2. State what you would do to profit from arbitrage.
  3. Obtain the percentage profit possible.?
  4. ?Financial markets need to be regulated and controlled?. Do you agree with the statement?
  5. Elaborate by explaining the types of financial markets and role of central bank in an international scenario
  6. Also can you relate the regulation with the recent global financial crisis?
  7. What do you mean by term structure of interest rates? Explain three main theories of the term structure that have been proposed.

  1. What do you understand by: SLR, CRR, Deposit creation, Repo & Reverse Repo rate. Explain these terms through a balance sheet of a bank?


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