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Are People Born the Way They Are or Made It? It has been a-(Answered)


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Are People Born the Way They Are or Made It?

It has been a question of debate whether people are born or made. It mostly arises when we have people with different qualities. Some of these qualities include leaders, entrepreneurs among others. Some groups of people argue that some individuals are born and come on earth with the capacity to lead or be entrepreneurs, and not everyone has the capacity to be like them (Daley). On the other hand, others think that people are made to be entrepreneurs or leaders during the course of their life. It means that they are born like other individuals, acquired skills and mentorship, and thus, made them who they are today. The information provided forms the basis of argument on this case.

A group of thinkers have a feeling that with education, good mentorship and drive, one can be made to be anyone that he or she chooses to be (Daley). They argue that, this is the fundamental reason as to why there are career courses, life entrepreneurship studies where individuals have to go through several training to be successful entrepreneurs. Julian Lange, a senior professor at Babson College, added by saying that exposure to different ideas as well as lessons of entrepreneurship can make one a successful entrepreneur, thus, objecting those who say that people are born and not made it.

To conclude, people are made to be whom they are. Some are able to acquire their skills through education and mentorship. People are born with equal capacity. During their course in life, some choose to become whom they are now by specializing and pursuing different courses which enrich them with knowledge to become whom they are such as entrepreneurs and leaders. This therefore disqualifies the believe that there are some people who were born to be entrepreneurs or leader.

Based on this, develop a three paragraph essay using an ARTIST(S) as an example.

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Are People Born the Way They Are or Made It?


The question of whether artists are born, made or even both made and born...


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