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Suppose a LinkedIntList stores the following values. Notice that-(Answered)


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Suppose a LinkedIntList ?stores the following values. Notice that for some pairs, the first element in the pairis larger than the second in the pair; those elements are underlined in the example.2728?[20, 10, 15, 11, 32, 28, 5, 7, 314, 100, 17, 29, 12]2930?Write a function SortList would change the list to store the elements in the following order. Notice that wheneverthere is a pair where the larger value came first (such as 15 and 11 at indexes 2 and 3), they have swapped places sothat the smaller of the two now comes first.3132?[10, 20, 11, 15, 28, 32, 5, 7, 100, 314, 17, 29, 12]3334?2: Write a simple recursive function to count the number of nodes in a Tree. Write a countNode() function that prints the number of node in a tree and takes the address of root node as an argument.3536


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