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Hello i need help for my homework thank you An organization has-(Answered)


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Hello ?i need help for my homework

thank you

An organization has been entrusted with developing a Registration andTitle system that maintains information about all vehicles registeredin a particular state. For each vehicle that is registered with the Kadir Has University IT304 Information Systems Analysis & DesignManagement Information Systemsoffice, the system has to store the name, address, telephone number ofthe owner, the start date and end date of the registration, plateinformation (issuer, year, type, and number), sticker (year, type, andnumber), and registration fee. In addition, the following informationis maintained about the vehicles themselves: the number, year, make,model, body style, gross weight, number of passengers, diesel powered(yes/no), color, cost, and mileage. If the vehicle is a trailer,diesel powered and number of passengers are not relevant. For traveltrailers, the body number and length must be known. The system needsto maintain information on the luggage capacity for a car, maximumcargo capacity and maximum towing capacity for a truck, and horsepowerfor a motorcycle. The system issues registration notices to owners ofvehicles whose registrations are due to expire after two months. Whenthe owner reviews the registration, the system updates the registrationinformation on the vehicle.

a. Develop a static object model by drawing a class diagram thatshows all the object classes, attributes, operations, relationships,and multiplicities. For each operation, show its argument list.

b. Draw a state diagram that captures all the possible states of aVehicle object, right from the time the vehicle was manufactured untilit goes to the junkyard. In drawing the diagram, you may make anynecessary assumptions, as long as they are realistic.

c. Select any state or event from the high-level state diagram thatyou have drawn and show its fine structure (substates and theirtransitions) in a lower-level diagram.

d. One of the use cases for this application is "Issue registrationrenewal notice,? which is performed once every day. Draw a sequencediagram, in generic form, showing all possible object interactions forthis use case.


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