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Project Task

The project for this module consists of 6 phases. The work of each phase should be documented and submitted to the instructor at the end of each phase. The tasks for each phase are described below.

Phase 1:

Choosing a real firm / organization for the project.

Phase 2:?

Using at least two of the fact finding techniques to collect facts about the organization, including background reading if possible. The student has to provide the resources used and provide a summary of his/her analysis. This should include identifying at least two processes in the organization.

Phase 3:?

Using Visio to create UML activity diagrams for the identified processes.

Phase 4:

Using Visio to create a UML use-case diagram for each process.

Phase 5:?

Using Visio to create a UML class diagram.

Phase 6: Presentation

Each group members should present their work in front of their classmates. The following are some guide lines to help you plan your presentation:

  • Brief description about the organization.
  • Main requirements in the project.
  • UML diagrams with brief description.The evaluation of your presentation will be based on the following criteria:
  • Clarity of demonstration
  • Utilization of time
  • Awareness?of?the?contents?being?presented?and?the?response?to?examiners?questions.?
  • Notes:
  • The first 5 phases above have to be documented in a report.
  • A hard copy and soft copy of the report must be submitted to the instructor.
  • The report should not exceed 15 pages.
  • You are required to accomplish your work in teams provided that each team consists of maximum 3 students.


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