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Please answer on how you would introduce these four people.-(Answered)


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Please answer on how you would introduce these four people.? Spelling and grammer are a must and the rules must apply.

The rules for business introductions are simple, regardless of gender:


1. Always introduce the client first (before employer).


2. If it's not a client, always introduce the higher-ranking person first.


3. If they are of equal rank, introduce the one you know least to the one you know




4. Older before younger.


5. Individuals before groups.




Unless you have permission, never use just first names when introducing


someone to a superior in your own business, to a business client, to a person of higher


rank, to a professional offering their services or to an older person.




How would you introduce ?????.


Your supervisor, Mr. Jones, and an office consultant, Laura Anderson?



Yourself to Betsy Upfield, the president of your company?



Your supervisor, Mr. Jones, to a sales seminar?



Mr. Muno, a manager, to John Wang, a new employee?




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