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1. Business Analysis Resources: Light beer Pleasant fruity-(Answered)


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i need 15 pp slides about Five Star Beer all information you can find in attached file 1 (but also you have to add I vision, mission and goal for a shot and long strategies in US .?

We are sending the beer to NY and in the long term spread throughout the rest of the US ( SO VISION MISSION AND GOAL . SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM STRATEGIES FOR US

Structure for presentation

Presentaci?n de PowerPoint

1. Business Analysis

Resources & Capabilities, SWOT, Competitive Advantage
2. Vision, Mission & Goal (Short-term & Long-term strategies)

3. Business Strategies

SWOT (factors to keep, improve or change), Competitive Advantage Customer target identification, Pricing strategies, Production, Design, Promotion & Marketing, Distribution

Market Selection

PEST analysis, Market size, Competitor analysis, Value proposition

1. Business Analysis




Light beer


Pleasant fruity smell


3,6% alcohol level


305 ml can presentation




These resources make this beer different from their competitors





Factory in China ? Since the product is Chinese, the manufacturing price is low as


a consequence money is not an issue when making the product.







2. Vision, Mission & Goals


Mission: To successfully commercialize an imported product with world quality backed


by a proactive personnel team committed improve the community quality of life.



Vision: To be the leader in the wheat beer market of the United States, with a product


of excellent quality at a competitive cost. Staff will be selected and trained to reach the


required standard.





Long-term strategies



3. Business Strategies






Wide knowledge of beer market worldwide


Efficiency in distribution plan


Motivated staff


Aggressive introduction plan, including marketing, advertising and promotion


Distribution capacity in all territory


Competitive price




Acceptance of the market to a new product


Acceptance of fruity flavor




Biggest consume per capita of America


Little competition in wheat beers








Well established competitors


High taxes



(factors to keep, improve or change)


Competitive Advantage:


Customer target identification: The target would be men and women over 21 years of age,


from middle class. They are people who take risks and like to try new things. They enjoy


sharing moments with family and friends.


Pricing strategies:




Design: Five Star is packed in a colorful bottle enhancing a five stars logo. It uses the


gold color to make reference to quality and to the wheat. Green is used to make


reference to nature. Red enhances the gold color.


Promotion: A promotional strategy has been developed to attract consumers? attention.


This strategy includes:


When buying a 6 pack of five stars consumers will get the temple combo, which


includes a thermo pack for the bottle, and a beach towel.


In supermarkets and liquor stores will have promotion girls, that after 4 pm will give


the product to try to the target and will tell them about the combo they will get when


buying the 6 bottle


Supermarkets and Liquor stores will get an extra discount during the three first


month of introduction to motivate them to buy more product.




Distribution: The distribution system has a total coverage national level, making


emphasis in the main most populated cities. Our own trucks and salespeople are in


charge of getting to Supermarkets, liquor stores, restaurants a coffee shops.


Five Stars will use a direct sells system with 30 salespeople.



Market Selection


PEST analysis


Market size


Competitor analysis


Value proposition




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