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In this unit, you will be revising your Unit V Illustration-(Answered)


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In this unit, you will be revising your Unit V Illustration Essay, but you will also be looking forward to the Unit VII submission of your Expository Essay. Choosing a topic can be a great challenge to students at times because they want to choose a topic that is reasonable and one that is interesting to them. However, some students struggle with choosing a topic because there are so many possibilities. In the lessons for this unit, we discussed some different ways that you can come up with a short list of possible topics, including talking to those around you, observing important issues, reflecting on issues that are important to you, and thinking about topics in relation to disciplinary categories.

After considering some of these generative methods, what topics have you come up with? Describe them, along with giving a short explanation of how you came to your topics. You might choose just one topic and share your process. If you do not have a topic(s) in mind, then describe some general areas of interest or where you think you might want to find a topic. Sometimes just describing these vague thoughts can be very productive for you and others!? this is just a discussion board about how to become a better student in achieving my Bachelor degree 200 words

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In the world of literature, it is tough to come up with a topic on which one can write an


essay on or the pure thought of...


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